Just Launched! The Katz Local Vote 2024: Your Guide to the Upcoming Election Cycle

Political • September 12, 2023

AdImpact is projecting the 2023-2024 election cycleKatz_Media_LocalVote-2 to be the most expensive in history - on track to surpass $10 billion in political spending. As this colossal political cycle progresses, it is more important than ever for campaigns to have the right tools at their fingertips to make smart and impactful media decisions. 

That is why Katz Media Group is proud to announce the latest edition of the Local Vote initiative. Now in its fourth year, the Local Vote is a map-based interactive guide designed to help campaigns successfully navigate the media landscape in states and markets across the country. The guide provides easy access to a wealth of data pertinent to building informed media strategies that reach local voters and make meaningful connections with constituents throughout the U.S.

In it you will find helpful political and media insights:

      Election dates and political windows by state

      Presidential, Gubernatorial, and Congressional race details

      Political leanings by state and local market

      Deep dives into 250+ local markets across the U.S.

      Voter media usage by state, market, and party affiliation

      And more to come!


Click here to go to the Katz Local Vote Interactive Guide.